'The Wicker Man' Truth And Stories: Early Folk Horror Was 1973's 'Midsommar'

Friendly pagan folk in 'The Wicker Man.' Source: IMDB

In 1973 The Wicker Man combined the gothic undertones of Hammer Horror and the terror inherent with going off the beaten path to create a genre defining folk horror film. The film was pushed into production without an actual budget in place and when all was said and done the studio detested the film and marketed it like a B movie.

In spite of its inauspicious start at the box office The Wicker Man took on an almost mythic quality. Cult movie audiences frothed at the mouth over the pagan overtones of the film and its bleak ending. Nearly 50 years after its release, The Wicker Man is still one of the most spellbinding cinematic experiences to ever come out of England. It stands as a classic of folk horror, a genre that continues to flourish with the 2019 release Midsommar.