The Up Series: Documenting Lives Seven Years At A Time

By Linda Speckhals
Source: (Lettrboxd).
In 1964, Seven Up! aired, the first film in what would become the Up series. Seven Up! was created as part of World in Action, a series for Granada Television. Directed by Paul Almond, Michael Apted became closely involved with the series, as he searched schools to find 14 youngsters to participate in the film. Apted, who was a researcher who had graduated from Cambridge, continued with the series after the initial film, directing each new installment every seven years. The subsequent films were named based on the ages of the subjects at the time, with the second one being called 7 Plus Seven, but each of the remaining using the names 21 Up and so on with the final film, 63 Up, coming out in 2019, as Apted died in 2021.