The UFO Craze Of The '60s and '70s

Entertainment | November 30, 2018

In 1975, A UFO Stole Six Days Of Travis Walton's Life


The Travis Walton UFO sighting and abduction is a story that’s so intense that it serves as the basis for the film Fire In The Sky -- but the real story is even stranger than what Hollywood dreamed up.

On November 5, 1975, 22-year-old Walton and his logging crew were working in the woods of Turkey Springs, Arizona when they saw a bright light moving behind a hill. Upon inspection they saw a large silverly disc hovering above a clearing. While the rest of the crew stayed in their truck, Walton approached the craft and was struck by a beam of light and knocked to the ground. The logging crew fled the scene, and Walton's whereabouts were unknown for almost a week. He claims that his time away was spent in the disc-like craft and at a hangar, containing other similar craft. Walton said that he was examined and sedated by beings, some of whom were alien in appearance and others who seemed to be humans. After being put under sedation, Walton awoke outside a gas station in Heber, Arizona, thinking the episode had taken just a few hours. Despite persistent accusations that he’d made the whole thing up, Walton’s story has never changed. 

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