21 TV Shows That Defined The 1960s

By | August 23, 2022

Star Trek

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How to even quantify the importance of Star Trek in science fiction, let alone the 1960s? This three-series sci-fi show starring William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy saw the crew of the USS Enterprise traveling through space and time on new and exciting adventures every week. At the time, the series was seen as a lark, a space show for the kids - it was anything but that. Star Trek inspired children across the world to become scientists and science fiction writers, and it changed the lives of everyone who worked on the original series. Leonard Nimoy, who played the green-blooded Vulcan said of the series:

I can't describe what the whole experience has been, except for that I have been a very, very lucky actor. Ever since Star Trek went on the air in 1966 I never had to worry about work, and that's a major thing for an actor to be able to support a family all those years without worrying about income.

The Monkees

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The Monkees were never meant to be culturally important, they were just supposed to be a Beatles knock-off that kept teeny boppers entertained, but somewhere along the way the four lads from, well all over, who formed The Monkees became iconoclasts all on their own. The two-season series was kind of like Laugh-In but with musical interludes and extremely surreal sketches that featured all manner of Laurel Canyon musicians. Watching the show now, it's clear that it was like nothing else on TV.

Aside from learning how to be a band together in front of an audience, The Monkees also learned how to be TV stars. Frontman Davy Jones explained:

I remember the soundman moving electrician's cables and the electrician helping the prop man. And the prop man being in one of the scenes, and nobody from Actors Equity complaining. We all knew Micky Dolenz and myself being the actors, and Peter and Mike being the musicians. We did end up to be 4 musicians and 4 actors. We knew how to cover for each other. We saved time by being there, ready to film. The Monkees episodes went out for $75,000. I mean that's all they cost. That was unheard of. And that was because of the co-operation and the excitement and because of the originality and the enthusiasm from all these different areas.