21 TV Shows That Defined The 1960s


Star Trek

source: CBS

How to even quantify the importance of Star Trek in science fiction, let alone the 1960s? This three-series sci-fi show starring William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy saw the crew of the USS Enterprise traveling through space and time on new and exciting adventures every week. At the time, the series was seen as a lark, a space show for the kids - it was anything but that. Star Trek inspired children across the world to become scientists and science fiction writers, and it changed the lives of everyone who worked on the original series. Leonard Nimoy, who played the green-blooded Vulcan said of the series:

I can't describe what the whole experience has been, except for that I have been a very, very lucky actor. Ever since Star Trek went on the air in 1966 I never had to worry about work, and that's a major thing for an actor to be able to support a family all those years without worrying about income.