The Three Stooges: Pain, Anger And Insults Were Never So Funny

By | January 7, 2018

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Moe takes control of the situation by placing his fingers in the nostrils of Larry and Curly. (Photo by John Springer Collection/CORBIS/Corbis via Getty Images)

Slapstick comedy trio The Three Stooges were definitely not a new act in the 1960s but they had their place there all the same. The wacky trio was a spinoff of a vaudeville comedy act that began back in the 1920s, billed as "Ted Healy and His Stooges." The act ran from 1922 to 1934 and was so well received that it soon took on a life of its own.

In 1934, The Stooges regrouped to set out on their own, and that is when they first became known as The Three Stooges. The group was an instant success. The Stooges soon became so well known that they began being regularly seen on television as well as the big screen.

The Original Three: Larry, Moe And Shemp

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Over the years, the Stooges had their ups and downs, mainly with keeping character members. There were actually 6 Stooges in all (7 if you count “fake Shemp”); of course, only three at any given time. Health concerns and family issues were the major cause of the Stooges filtering in and out of the act. The original three who performed with Healy were Moe, Shemp and Larry. At one point, Shemp left the group to pursue his own solo comedy gig. The lineup fluctuated thereafter.