The Tale Of Men At Work's #1 Hit "Down Under"

By Kellar Ellsworth
Men At Work collecting their Grammy for Award for Best New Artist in 1983. Getty

The Australian band, Men At Work, made waves in 1982 with their international sensation, “Down Under.” Written by lead singer Colin Hay, the rollicking hit ranked #1 for two weeks in both the United States and the UK while dominating the top spot in “a land down under” for well over a month. The very chant-able melody also became the nation’s anthem during that year’s America’s cup when Australia beat America for the first time dating back to 1851.

The song’s roots owe thanks to half-filled bottles and Bruce the Shark from Finding Nemo. Unfortunately, the massive sensation also drew the band into controversy, thanks to a 2009 lawsuit stemming from allegations of copyright infringement. Here’s the history of Men At Work’s “Down Under”