The Simonton Incident: Did Aliens Offer A Wisconsin Man Pancakes In 1961?

By Sarah Norman | October 26, 2023

Joe Simonton's Breakfast Visitors

Nestled in the quaint town of Eagle River, Wisconsin, in 1961, something truly out of this world occurred, leaving a chicken farmer named Joe Simonton with a story that defies conventional explanation.

Picture this: a UFO lands near Joe Simonton's home, and what follows is nothing short of extraordinary. Inside this enigmatic craft were beings described as "Italian-looking" aliens, who, as the tale goes, exchanged pancakes for a simple bucket of water. While this story may elicit a chuckle or two, it's a reminder that the realm of UFO encounters often brims with the bizarre and the inexplicable.

As we embark on this visual journey through the Simonton Pancake Incident, we invite you to keep an open mind and consider the mysteries that continue to captivate those who seek the truth beyond the ordinary. UFO enthusiasts and curious minds alike, don't miss out on uncovering the quirky details and unanswered questions that make this story a unique entry in the annals of UFO lore. Continue reading to unravel the delightful yet perplexing account of pancakes from the stars!

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In the late morning of April 18, 1961, Joe Simonton, a chicken farmer, was enjoying his breakfast at home when he was startled by a perplexing sound emanating from the vicinity of his farm. He gazed out of his window and was left utterly astonished as he beheld a silver disc suspended in the airspace above his backyard. This unidentified flying object measured an impressive four meters in height and spanned a diameter of 10 meters.

Simonton Heard The UFO Before He Saw It

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At the age of 60, Mr. Simonton found himself at his farm in Eagle River, Wisconsin, USA, where he claimed to have had a remarkable encounter. He was drawn outside by a peculiar noise resembling "knobby tires on wet pavement," leading him to investigate further. To his astonishment, he spotted a metallic object resembling a UFO, which he likened to two inverted bowls with what he described as "exhaust pipes" encircling its edges.