Entertaining Historical Images From The Groovy Era


Many times when looking at history we can get bored by the constant memorization of facts and repetition of important dates. In this aspect, rarely do we ever find historical pictures to be entertaining, or even interesting enough to capture our attention, but in this gallery, you will find a delightful and spirited collection. Some of these images are powerful and may even leave you speechless. Prepare to be wowed by some of the most radical and far-out historical images you've ever seen. Whoever said you couldn't learn and have fun at the same time must have never heard of Groovy History. 

The cast of Saturday Night Live, 1976
One of the most iconic comedic shows to date, Saturday Night Live became a huge hit with audiences through the combination of introducing young and budding talent as well as having well-written material that not only captures the audience’s attention but it sure to keep it while stirring up controversy at every turn.

Throughout the decades SNL has remained a tremendous talent farm. With a run spanning over three decades, it’s only natural that SNL is where so many brilliant comedy stars got their start. And with writers like Tina Fey, Adam Sandler, and Eddie Murphy (among many, many other seasoned comedians writing for the show, it’s no wonder SNL is still going strong.