The Most Cringeworthy TV Shows Of The 1990s

By Sarah Norman | October 9, 2023


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The Chevy Chase Show is a prime example of how not to spend your millions. Fox dropped a cool $3 million bag of cash on Chevy Chase to host a late-night talk show, not to mention another million sprucing up what they optimistically dubbed The Chevy Chase Theatre.

Unfortunately for them, this late-night flop was more cringe than charm. Advertisers were promised the moon and stars, with projected viewership numbers that would have made David Letterman blush. But in reality, it was a sinking ship from day one. With actual ratings that looked more like a bad punchline, averaging fewer than three million viewers and plummeting to less than two million during its death throes, The Chevy Chase Show was, well, brutal. It's almost as if they paid for the Chevy name and forgot to chase the actual viewers.

The Chevy Chase Show

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Highlander was a very '90s TV series that thought it could extend the life of a movie that had a pretty definitive ending. It's like trying to resurrect a character after they've already had their head chopped off—wait, that actually happened in the show.

While the concept of immortal sword-wielding warriors might have worked in the very campy '80s movie, the '90s TV adaptation took things to a whole new level of dorkiness. Not to mention the fact that the original film was a classic in its own right, and trying to build a series around it felt like an exercise in futility. So, if you're up for some cringe-worthy, head-slicing, time-traveling adventures, Highlander might just be your guilty pleasure.