“The Mod Squad," Cool Cops!


The Mod Squad was a crime/drama television series that ran from 1968 to 1973. At the time, the show pushed the limits on what we, as a society, were willing to accept and buy into. The squad was a diverse, undercover crime-fighting trio.

The police show series was the first of its kind with the squad consisting of a white guy, a black guy and a blond woman. The thought of the writers was to have a deliberately diverse group of, what was to have represented, mainstream countercultural players.

The Mod Squad dealt with uncomfortable, socially charged issues including, abortion, domestic violence, anti-war protests, racism and drug addiction. They were able to effectively bring criminals to justice with little or no violence. That is what the hippie culture was about… being peaceful.

The Mod Squad was instrumental in paving the way for social acceptance of real issues. The show was well celebrated, being nominated for countless awards as well as realizing many of them. The series definitely had a positive impact on us all!