All The Gidgets! Sandra Dee, Sally Field, And Five Others

Gidgets you might remember -- or not: Sandra Dee (1959), Sally Field (1965-66), and Monie Ellis (1972). Sources: IMDB, IMDB, ABC via Getty Images

When you think of Gidget, you probably come up with the TV Gidget Sally Field, and perhaps Sandra Dee, who played her in the first Gidget movie. But there were actually seven Gidgets in all. Actresses Deborah Walley, Cindy Carol, Karen Valentine, Monie Ellis and Caryn Richman also played versions of the famous surfer girl who just wanted to surf with the boys.

There was also a real-life Gidget, the daughter of the author who wrote the book that inspired all this Gidget mania. The real-life Gidget also inspired many young girls to get out there and surf.

The famous boyfriend, “Moondoggie,” was played by James Darren in all three movies and then played by some other actors in the series.