The Life And Death Of The Canadian Tuxedo

The original Canadian Tuxedo made for Bing Crosby. moviejackets

Perhaps no outfit has ever run the cyclical gambit of fashion more than the all denim, cowboy classic known as the Canadian Tuxedo. Denim began life as the working man’s or woman’s go-to textile. Tough, durable, and comfortable, hard-working folk the world over made their bones in clothes that could last as long as themselves.

In the ‘50s the fabric of the people earned a dash of rebellion when the ultimate bad boy, Elvis Presley got his mug shot snapped in head-to-toe denim. However, the heyday of the Canadian tuxedo still lay many years in the future. Rather incidentally, the genesis of Canada’s most famous outfit started with singer Bing Crosby at a rather snooty Vancouver hotel…