The Juicy Story Behind The Sophia Loren-Jayne Mansfield Photo

By Rebeka Knott

The most famous side-eye or even stink eye photo in history belongs to Sophia Loren’s reaction to Jayne Mansfield and her famous large assets! Here’s a little history of the iconic photo that appeared in newspapers and magazines with the word ‘censored’ hiding Jaynes exposed breast:

Sophia Loren was at a Paramount party in Beverly Hills that was organized for her when she was a newcomer to Hollywood in 1957. The last person to come to this event was the va-va-voom force of nature that was blonde bombshell Jayne Mansfield. She sat down at Sophia’s table and was barely dressed for this event. As Sophia herself said, “Everything in her dress is going to blow!”

There were other photos taken of Sophia at the event laughing and more relaxed with Jayne later in the evening but this version of the vision, will last forever.