The Inspiring Rise To Success Of Hugh Hefner!

Culture | November 29, 2016

It is hard to believe that the son of two devoted methodists would be the person to create the most popular men's adult entertainment magazine in the world. 

Hugh Hefner was born in April of 1926 in the great Chicago, Illinois. It's safe to say that publication was in his blood from a very young age. Hugh attended Steinmetz High School and although he didn't have straight A's he was somewhat of genius with a reported IQ of 152. Here his talents first began to shine when he founded a school newspaper which fueled his interest in publication. Soon after he made a comic book about teen who lived in a universe that he created. Definitely a sign of foreshadowing if I do say so myself. 

Before attending college Hugh served in the United States Army for a couple of years until he was discharged. Now that he did his civic duty to his country he would prepare to do his civic duty to his fellow men. 

The Chicago Art School was Hugh's first stop before attending the University of Illinois. After getting his bachelor's degree in psychology he went one step further and attended graduate school but only for a semester. However, in that semester he studied work done by the sex research institute (more foreshadowing). His journey then brought him to Esquire Magazine in Chicago. After some time Hugh and Esquire parted ways seeing that they couldn't agree on on the right amount of salary. 

Everything up to this point had prepared Hugh Hefner for this moment, the moment he would start his own publication. Now this wouldn't be just any publication, no, it would be specifically for men. It took $8,000 to get the ball rolling on this publication from which he obtained from about 45 different investors including his methodist mother and brother. 

The first issue of Playboy hit the stands in 1953, a year Hugh will never forget. Even though the first issue was made from his home it proved successful thanks to a little something in the center of the magazine. To be more specific this issue of Playboy prominently displayed a full colored photo of Marilyn Monroe in the nude. This was quite genius on Hugh's part almost ensuring the first issue would be a success. From this moment on every issue of Playboy flew off the stands making Hugh a very wealthy and popular man. It's safe to say men wanted to be him and certainly women wanted to be with him. 

It didn't take long before the bunny with a bow tie and the man with pipe and silk jacket became THE image of Playboy. By the 60s Playboy outsold Hugh's former employer and rival Esquire. Playboy also had become more than just an adult magazine but an enterprise that included hotel resorts and modeling agencies. He even created the Playboy Foundation to fight censorship in hopes of fostering growth of his enterprise and that it has. 

Playboy and Hugh Hefner have seen great success throughout the years becoming in a way more mainstream. At the age of 90 Hugh can be found at his Playboy mansion surrounded by women something that the young Hugh who made that comic book all those years ago would be very proud of. 

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