Telly Savalas as Kojak, The Bald 'Who Loves Ya, Baby?' Sex Symbol

By | January 26, 2021

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Sources: eBay; Photoshot/Getty Images

Telly Savalas played Kojak, a lollipop-sucking New York City cop who punctuated his tough-guy talk with the surprising phrase "Who loves ya, baby?" That takes some swagger, a quality the late Savalas, who died in 1994, had in abundance. On TV, he wore three-piece suits and delivered Lieutenant Kojak's dialogue with a sinister smile -- Kojak was a good guy who made it clear he'd play hardball. Off screen, this son of Greek immigrants was a quintessential '70s macho man, sporting bling, big sunglasses, and shirts with oversize floppy lapels unbuttoned down to his navel. He was a character, with a mojo that made him the sexiest bald star since Yul Brynner.

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The man, the myth, the Kojak. (greekcitytimes)

“The most interesting man in the world” may have given his father “the talk” and went to a psychic to warn her but he’s got nothing on the one and only Telly Savalas. The man who made Kojak’s “who loves ya baby?” iconic, also owned a no. 1 hit in the UK, and was even Jennifer Aniston’s godfather. Not to mention, Savalas gave Howard Cosell his start in television, just missed the top 20 at the ‘92 World Series of Poker, and made bald cool. Many Hollywood stars have accomplished a litany of feats but making bald beautiful has to rank as the most inconceivable triumph of any famous person.