Telly Savalas as Kojak, The Bald 'Who Loves Ya, Baby?' Sex Symbol

By Kellar Ellsworth
Sources: eBay; Photoshot/Getty Images

Telly Savalas played Kojak, a lollipop-sucking New York City cop who punctuated his tough-guy talk with the surprising phrase "Who loves ya, baby?" That takes some swagger, a quality the late Savalas, who died in 1994, had in abundance. On TV, he wore three-piece suits and delivered Lieutenant Kojak's dialogue with a sinister smile -- Kojak was a good guy who made it clear he'd play hardball. Off screen, this son of Greek immigrants was a quintessential '70s macho man, sporting bling, big sunglasses, and shirts with oversize floppy lapels unbuttoned down to his navel. He was a character, with a mojo that made him the sexiest bald star since Yul Brynner.