Was Ted Nugent A Draft Dodger During The Vietnam War?

Left: Ted Nugent in 1975. Right: a document showing Ted Nugent's draft history obtained by The Smoking Gun. Sources: (GAB Archive/Redferns; thesmokinggun.com)

It's a fact that rocker Ted Nugent didn't serve in Vietnam -- but was he a draft-dodger? Like many people, Nugent was summoned for the draft but obtained deferments. Years ago, Nugent told an outlandish story about how he avoided serving in Vietnam; in recent years, he's claimed it was a big joke, and that his deferments were all legit.

In the late ‘70s, Nugent told a High Times reporter that he stayed out of the military by eschewing his notoriously healthy lifestyle to make himself so revolting that he grossed out his Army recruiter. Now, the guitarist who touts his love of God, guns, and girls claims that he didn’t dodge the draft and that he was just egging on the High Times reporter, but his military records seem to substantiate his earlier claims, so what’s the truth? Did Ted Nugent dodge the draft by defecating and urinating in his pants? Or did he just luck out?