'Sugar Pie, Honey Bunch' 10 Reasons Why The Four Tops Didn't Actually Like The Song 'I Can't Help Myself'

Music | December 4, 2018

9) The Song Is Really 'I Can't Help Myself.' 'Sugar Pie, Honey Bunch' Was Added Later

On the original Motown single from 1965, the Four Tops's #1 single is listed as "I Can't Help Myself." It's listed the same way on Second Album, the LP by the Four Tops, released later that year, that included the single. It's listed the same way on The Four Tops Greatest Hits, released in 1967. In fact, the title doesn't seem to have picked up the parenthetical "(Sugar Pie, Honey Bunch)" part until the early '70s. Was that because "Sugar Pie, Honey Bunch" is sort of a... dopey name for a song? But perhaps at some point an artist (or more to the point, a profit-driven record company) is bound to cave to public misperception. If everyone thinks the title is "Sugar Pie, Honey Bunch," well, then, maybe that's what the title should be. Even if it is a phrase that very, very few grown men (aside from songwriter Lamont Dozier's grandfather) are comfortable uttering in public.

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