CCR's 'Bad Moon Rising' And The 1941 Movie That Inspired It

Walter Huston as 'Mr. Scratch' -- the Devil -- in 'The Devil And Daniel Webster.' Source: IMDB

In March 1969, John Fogerty had just written a song he wasn't too sure about -- nevertheless, he went into the studio to record it with his band, Creedence Clearwater Revival. "Bad Moon Rising" was greeted favorably by his bandmates, to Fogerty's surprise.

“It’s a funny thing,” Fogerty recalled, “but I didn’t feel ['Bad Moon Rising'] was up to the standard of 'Proud Mary.' I was worried that maybe I was already on my way down. It was a lot more rock’n’roll, whereas Proud Mary had connections to early American standards.”

"Bad Moon Rising" was released the following month on CCR's label, Fantasy Records, and became the lead single off their third album, Green River, which came out in August. The single went to #2 on the Billboard Hot 100, matching the peak position of "Proud Mary," and was a #1 hit in the UK.