Stevie Nicks – Inspiration and beauty at its finest!

By Rebeka Knott

When singer/songwriter, Stevie Nicks, made the music scene, America had no idea what was to come. She had an innocent confidence, a sense of fashion, a huge folksy voice and a beautiful face. Nicks was always a very feminine and delicate looking woman. She looked vulnerable, yet she left us with the feeling that there just might be something more than meets the eye.

Nicks’ distinguishing voice was folksy, sultry, romantic, mysterious and feminine all rolled into one. She had such a command of her voice and she had the ability to make her fans feel like they were part of the song. It was mesmerizing.

To this day, songs that Stevie Nicks has written and recorded offer comfort to people in pain. She sings right from the heart and gives hope to seemingly hopeless circumstances. That is probably why her music still endures and will live on long after she is gone.