Steve Martin's “Well, Excu-u-use Me!” - A Catchphrase That Started His Career

Paul Natkin ArchiveSteve Martin on 7/22/78 in Chicago, Il. Source: (Photo by Paul Natkin/WireImage)

Steve Martin was always a performer

Who would have ever thought that a high school kid selling guidebooks in Disneyland over summer break would end up becoming a world-renowned comedian? Even as a teenager and younger, iconic comedian Steve Martin found himself wanting to entertain others. He was happiest when he was in the spotlight amusing people. One or two were fine but a crowd is what he was going for and he never had any trouble gathering a mob to watch him perform. Steve Martin's stand-up comedy bits became popular because quotes from his performances would become not only his catchphrases but words that people used to emote in their everyday lives. The catchphrase "well excu-u-use, me" has been a pop culture staple ever since he first used it, and continues to pervade movies, TV, and even music to this day.