Steve Martin's “Well, Excu-u-use Me!” - A Catchphrase That Started His Career

By | February 28, 2019

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Paul Natkin ArchiveSteve Martin on 7/22/78 in Chicago, Il. Source: (Photo by Paul Natkin/WireImage)

Steve Martin was always a performer

Who would have ever thought that a high school kid selling guidebooks in Disneyland over summer break would end up becoming a world-renowned comedian? Even as a teenager and younger, iconic comedian Steve Martin found himself wanting to entertain others. He was happiest when he was in the spotlight amusing people. One or two were fine but a crowd is what he was going for and he never had any trouble gathering a mob to watch him perform. Steve Martin's stand-up comedy bits became popular because quotes from his performances would become not only his catchphrases but words that people used to emote in their everyday lives. The catchphrase "well excu-u-use, me" has been a pop culture staple ever since he first used it, and continues to pervade movies, TV, and even music to this day. 

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Steve Martin. Source: (

He had visual catchphrases

One of Steve Martin’s signature props was that crazy arrow through his head. This also turned into a fad and caught on almost as much as the "excuse me" catchphrase. For years after he began the routine it wasn’t uncommon to see people just walking down the street with one of those arrows on their head. It was so corny, but it got laughs and that’s what it was all about. Steve Martin’s comedy was self-mocking and always so offbeat and absurd that he just couldn’t be ignored.