Stars And Their Cars

By Penny Chavers

Classic cars and sporty style cars are not just for the rich and famous but they do include the rich and famous. Here are just a few rich and famous stars with their beloved cars.

Debra Paget next to her 1955 Cadillac

Debra Paget just loves her Cadillac. She loves it so much that she covered it with jewels, after having it repainted from a pale orchid color to a strawberry color to match her velvet bedspread and curtains in her bedroom. Gotta have everything matching including the car, right? Not only does it match her bedroom, but also her handbags with jewels on them as well. She can spend an entire day just washing and polishing the rhinestones on the car. Rumor has it that she carries a bucketful of rhinestones in the back seat so that when the fans pluck some off of her car, she can replace them. Some of the movies she has played in include “The Ten Commandments,” “Princess of the Nile” and “Love Me Tender.”