Starlet Marilyn Monroe & JFK: The Scandal

Icons | October 25, 2017

Few people will dispute that Norma Jeane Mortenson, better known as the celebrated Marilyn Monroe, was one of the most alluring and spectacular sex symbols of her time. Naturally a brunette, she bleached her hair platinum blonde to attract more attention to herself because, as we all know, blondes have more fun (and get more movie roles)! Marilyn Monroe knew, early on in life, that she wanted to be in the spotlight. As a baby, she was placed into the foster care system because her mother could not care for her properly. Although she was afforded many privileges, she never really got over what she perceived to be rejection.  

Monroe started out as a model and her career blossomed from there. She starred in several movies, opposite other famous actors. Her roles showcased her remarkable, curvy figure and sex appeal as well as playing up the “dumb blond” angle; serving her career well. Before long she was being invited to hobnob with high society and was rubbing elbows with politicians, celebrities and other stars. She was often seen in the headlines and on the society pages; at times engaging in inappropriate sexual relationships and encounters.

In 1962, then President, John F. Kennedy (JFK), was formally introduced to Monroe at a dinner party being held in his honor. In true form, when she arrived at the party, late as usual, silence ensued and all eyes were on her; especially JFK’s. Besides being partial to ALL gorgeous women, blonds in particular, he was immediately smitten with her presence. In fact, he had been waiting for her! The fact that his elegant and esteemed wife, then First Lady, was also in attendance, was of no concern to him. This encounter was not their first. In fact, they had met, at least, twice before and had exchanged flirtations but nothing more. JFK gladly escorted Monroe to her/their table; making no apology for his infatuation with the starlet. Being true to character, he asked for her phone number. Of course, she was only too happy to oblige and he wasted no time calling. They soon met up and enjoyed a sexual rendezvous.  

First Lady, Jacqueline Kennedy, was not naïve to her husband’s marital infidelities, but tolerated them in the interest of her country, and more importantly, her marriage. Being a lady, she often turned a blind eye to her husband’s indiscretions. The thought of Marilyn Monroe, however, was more than she was capable of tolerating. Although she had looked the other way on many other occasions, she was drawing the line with Marilyn Monroe. Jacqueline realized that Monroe was not like the others. She was troubled and posed a problematic situation for the President.

JFK had always enjoyed an “abundance of liberty” in his marriage to Jacqueline. When she put her foot down regarding Marilyn Monroe, he decided that he wasn’t prepared to “die on that hill.” In his mind, beautiful women were a dime a dozen and he was willing to forgo his tryst with Monroe if it meant that he could carry on with the others. Monroe, however, was not ready to let him go that easily. He meant more to her than she meant to him.  

While JFK was willing and able to give up his association with Monroe, she was not ready to do the same. She had fallen for him, “hook, line and sinker.” She had always enjoyed the reputation of being one of the most desirable and sought-after women in America and had just been rejected by the object of her affection. After Monroe had been informed that she was merely a fling and nothing more, she seemingly went off the deep end.  

Marilyn Monroe had been well known for her propensity to overindulge in drugs and alcohol even prior to her encounter with JFK in 1962. She was known as being a troubled woman. However, it has been said that because of his rejection, she took her indulgences to the extreme. That, however, is debatable. Monroe had long been known to have a dependency on drugs and alcohol; thought to be a way to compensate for the rejection in her early life. Prior to her so-called relationship with JFK, she had already made attempts on her own life in an effort to relieve her life-long pain. It may have just been the straw that broke the camel’s back for a beautiful and successful, although troubled woman. Many, however, would argue that her death in 1962 was not necessarily of her own doing but more of a “plot” to make sure she left JFK alone. Years later, people still have their opinions.

Despite Marilyn Monroe’s rather troubled past, who can deny that she captivated her audiences and made a name for herself? Despite all of the controversy, she is still recognized as an iconic starlet who definitely made her mark; although the fame she enjoyed may just have been her downfall.

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