Starlet Marilyn Monroe

Few people will dispute that Norma Jeane Mortenson, better known as the celebrated Marilyn Monroe, was one of the most alluring and spectacular sex symbols of her time. Naturally a brunette, she bleached her hair platinum blonde to attract more attention to herself because, as we all know, blondes have more fun (and get more movie roles)!

Monroe started out as a model and her career blossomed from there. She starred in several movies, opposite other famous actors. Her roles showcased her remarkable, curvy figure and sex appeal as well as playing up the “dumb blond” angle; serving her career well. Before long she was being invited to hobnob with high society and was rubbing elbows with politicians, celebrities and other stars. She was often seen in the headlines and on the society pages; at times engaging in inappropriate sexual relationships and encounters.

Despite all of the controversy, she is still recognized as an iconic starlet who definitely made her mark; although the fame she enjoyed may just have been her downfall.