By Rebeka Knott
A couple of teens kissing during a game of spin the bottle at a party. (Photo by John Phillips/The LIFE Picture Collection/Getty Images)

When I was in Junior High School, what is now known as Middle School, being invited to a house party at a friend’s house was a thrill we looked forward to on the weekends. I don’t know how your parents handled things but mine were always skeptical of the ever-popular house party.

First, and foremost, they needed to know who was having the party. Ok… that’s a valid question. Next, they wanted to know if the parents of the host would be home. Again… a valid question. Then, they needed a complete list of all the other people who were invited and may also attend the party (also if boys were included). Now… to me, this was a bit much!

As if the interrogation wasn’t enough, I would have to be mortified when my mother would call the host’s parents to make sure I was telling the truth! UGH! By the time I was given permission to attend the party, I was too embarrassed to go!