TV Show Lunchboxes That All The Cool Kids Had

By | December 20, 2018

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Child's lunchbox with painting of characters from the TV series 'Welcome Back Kotter' featuring Travolta, Hegyes, Palillo, Jacobs, & Kaplan. (Photo by Henry Groskinsky/The LIFE Images Collection/Getty Images)

In grade school, few things were as important as a kid's choice of TV show-themed lunchbox -- it was a matter of identity. It was standing up and saying this is what I love. What was your show -- was it Star Trek? Welcome Back, Kotter? The Brady Bunch?

Look at the flip side -- did you ever get caught having to carry a lunchbox that you didn't like? Say you had aged out of H.R. Pufnstuf but your parents wouldn't buy you a new one to reflect your maturity. Or you lost your Monkees lunchbox and had to tote an old Mr. Rogers until you could get a replacement. Or your mom scored a hand-me-down from the neighbor's kid, and it was The Flintstones -- and you had to take it to school. This is the stuff of nightmares. 

Cool kids from the groovy sixties could flaunt their coolness in the school cafeteria by carrying a lunchbox with their favorite television show on it. As TV, still, a novelty in the 1950s became more and more popular in the 1960s, TV show executives realized they could capitalize on the popularity of their shows by marketing merchandise with favorite characters on it. These TV-themed lunchboxes from the sixties will remind you just how cool it was to be a kid in the groovy 1960s. 

Star Trek

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In the mid-sixties, there was nothing cooler than Star Trek. The space age, high-tech series had everything a futuristic kid loved…epic battles, cool gadgets, spaceships, alien monsters, strange planets, and a cool cast of space explorers. Who wouldn’t want to bring lunch to school in a box with Captain Kirk and Spock on it?