Scary Crime Scene Photos from the 70s

By | May 29, 2018

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Do Not Cross Shot of police tape enclosing a forensic investigator investigating a dead body. (Getty Images)

For some reasons, people are drawn and seem to gawk at dramatic, unpleasant and often gruesome sights; similar to the proverbial train wreck. Otherwise, why would police need to post the familiar yellow and black crime scene tape. I guess it is just human nature to be curious.

These days, forensic and crime scene dramas are popular on primetime television. Writers and producers are responsible for coming up with the “next scenario” to keep viewers tuned in. Case and point that people love drama and gore. Several current, popular series come to mind, but none can compare to real life. You have probably heard the saying that, “truth is stranger than fiction.”

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Charles Manson was a twisted individual with an unmistakable face. He claimed to never have killed himself but had others act on his behalf.  Helter Skelter had everyone going crazy!

The 70’s was a culture of change and the mantra of many was to love your brother and to make love not war! There were some very disturbing things that happened during that decade that will go down in history. Apparently, not everyone got the memo!

Murder and crime scene details and photos from the 70’s haunt some of us, still today!