Saturday Night Fever: Facts And Trivia About The Disco Film

By | December 16, 2020

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Saturday Night Fever not only made a megastar out of John Travolta; it also heightened the public's interest in disco music and the disco scene. Disco clubs began popping up everywhere with people learning all the right moves to boogie the night away after being inspired by the film’s main characters Tony Manero (Travolta) and his dance-partner Stephanie Mangano (Karen Lynn Gorney). While most know the story surrounding Tony, the paint store clerk by day and disco dancing champion by night, here are ten fun facts not everybody has heard.  

'Saturday Night Fever' Was Based On A 'True' Story That Turned Out To Be False

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Tony’s character was loosely based on a man named Vincent, the subject of a 1976 New York magazine article called “Tribal Rites Of The New Saturday Night.” Vincent was also a working class man who transformed into a dancing sensation on the weekends in this story written by Nik Cohn. But about twenty years after the film’s release, Cohn confessed his article was a “total fabrication” and a “fraud.” In 1976, the writer had recently moved to New York and needed an impressive story to launch his journalism career, so he was inspired to invent this semi-fictional piece. This wasn’t the only scandal that would surround Nik Cohn, as he was also arrested for drug trafficking in 1983 for allegedly importing over $4 million of heroin.