Sandy Duncan: Young 'Peter Pan' Actress And Wheat Thins Girl, Then And Now

By Kellar Ellsworth
Left: 'Funny Face' the situation comedy television series. Sandy Duncan portrays character Sandy Stockton, May 1, 1971. Right: Duncan flogging Wheat Thins. Sources: CBS via Getty Images; YouTube

Pixie, they name is Sandy Duncan! A constant celebrity without a real TV or movie hit, short-haired Sandy Duncan entertained audiences (and Wheat Thins snackers) in the '70s and '80s. Her greatest achievement -- legitimately a showbiz peak -- was playing Peter Pan on Broadway, for which she earned a Tony Award nomination. But you didn't need to be a New York theater-goer to know Sandy. She was a regular presence on TV, even starring in her own show, The Sandy Duncan Show (previously known as Funny Face), which was well liked but failed to get ratings in its time slot. She appeared in more Broadway productions, she voiced animated characters, she did cameo appearances and variety show guest spots -- all of it building up Sandy Duncan, the name. In the mid-'70s, she cashed in on it, taking a job as spokeswoman for Wheat Thins, a gig that lasted well into the '80s.