Sam Elliott: The Mustache And The Man

Left: Sam Elliott attends the 'Tennis and Crumpet Tournament Hosted by Hugh Hefner' on May 21, 1977 at the Playboy Mansion. Right: Elliott in 'Lifeguard' (1976). Sources: Photo by Ron Galella/Wire; IMDB

Sam Elliott is famous for playing cowboys and other rugged types. He's famous for his low, gravelly voice. But let's face it -- Sam Elliott is most famous for his mustache. Sam Elliott's mustache might be more famous than Sam Elliott. An effortless and unhurried performer who never really seems like he's acting, Elliott is the sort of instantly recognizable supporting actor who makes any scene crackle. With those sensitive eyes, lanky frame and soothing vocal inflection alone, he'd be a memorable and charismatic actor. Sam Elliot's mustache makes him a living legend.