Roller Skating Was Crazy Awesome!

Uncategorized | July 12, 2017

Roller Disco emerged and made history

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In the 1970s, when roller skating began to catch on, the disco craze was already at its height in popularity and people were not ready to let it go. Instead on one fad replacing the other they were combined and roller discos were born. The lights, the music, the disco ball and all the dance moves… with wheels thrown into the mix. 

 The seventies may have corrupted roller skating

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Leave it to the 1970s to take a perfectly good, family-friendly activity and make it as pornographic as possible. The seventies was like that bad influence friend that roller skating shouldn't have been allowed to play with. But, they just had so much fun together! The influence of the eighties (oddly enough) is what calmed things down a bit and skating rinks became kid-friendly again. 

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