Rockstars That Went From The Groupie Life To Family Life

Rock stars are known for very few things, their music, their lifestyle and their lovers. These men and women got fame through their musical talents and have used it to their advantage. When they were younger, they were surrounded by groupies but they've given up that lifestyle for a more domestic one. Here are some rock stars who gave up groupie life for family life. 

David Bowie (1970’s)

Check out Bowie with his very first girlfriend, Dana Gillepsie. Bowie has one of the most impressive party lifestyles out of all the rockstars in history. He was rumored to had actually prowled the streets in an old ambulance, where he would pick up on his obsessed fans...and have sex with them in the van. Several previous girlfriends of Bowie recount crazy stories of tryst that include parties, and just pure hedonism.