Robert Redford As Jeremiah Johnson: Why Is This Man Smiling All Over The Internet?

By Jacob Shelton

source: Warner Bros.

If you’ve been on the internet for the last decade or so then you’ve seen Robert Redford’s bearded grinning face posted far and wide, reacting to any number of posts. The “nod of approval” from Jeremiah Johnson has taken on a life of its own, and many of the millennials, zilllenials, and zoomers who use it don’t even realize that this is from one of the all time great hang out movies. Released in 1972, Jeremiah Johnson tells the story of a man who learns to be one with nature, eschewing his former way of life to live peacefully among the indigenous people of the Rocky Mountains. The meme has taken on a life of its own, but it’s nothing without the film that birthed it.