Retro Photos We Never Knew Were Captured

By Sarah Norman | October 27, 2023

A young Richard Nixon will steal your girlfriend (1930's).

It’s once again time to take a peek into the old Groovy History archives and when you see what we have collected here you’ll be full of nostalgia in no time. Old school toys, long outdated technology, and favorite cartoons and TV shows... collected here are some pretty groovy Kodak moments from the not so distant past.

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Source: Reddit

It’s “mister steal your girl” before he even had the status of being the most powerful man in the United States. Around the time this photo was taken, future-former President Richard Nixon was a handsome young lad working on his undergraduate studies at Whittier College. He then went on to graduate from Duke University School of Law in 1937.

From there it was married life and politics, he became the 37th President of the United States (from 1969 until 1974), and then became the only US President who resigned from office. Nixon ended American involvement in the Vietnam war in 1973 and ended the military draft. Unfortunately, he’s usually most remembered for the Watergate Scandal. 

Walter Becker and Donald Fagen of Steely Dan, 1977.

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Source: Reddit

Pictured here are Steely Dan core members and co-founders, Walter Becker (guitars, backing vocals) and Donald Fagen (keyboards, lead vocals). They formed the band back in 1972 and saw a steady stream of success from the start.

They were famous for their artful blend of jazz, R&B, and traditional pop. Their lyrics have been described as “cryptic” and “ironic” and Rolling Stone dubbed them "the perfect musical antiheroes for the Seventies". 

Steely Dan enjoyed both critical and commercial success from the early 1970s until 1981 when they broke up. They reunited in 1993 and were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame by 2001. They have sold over 40 million albums worldwide.