Could Dolphins Be Used For Evil? George C. Scott And 'Day Of The Dolphin'

By Karen Harris
George C. Scott in 'Day Of The Dolphin.' Source: IMDB

In The Day of the Dolphin, George C. Scott played a marine biologist who trains dolphins to do complicated tasks. But then a sinister power kidnaps them, intending to use them in a plot to kill the U.S. President -- and the question turns to whether animals can be used for military purposes. Although the 1973 movie was categorized as a science fiction film, it was based, in part, on reality. In the 1960s, the United States Navy began a program to train marine animals, dolphins and sea lions in particular, in underwater bomb detection, surveillance, and defense. As The Day of the Dolphin shows us, things can go awry when animals are trained to do human jobs. Although George C. Scott and the Day Of The Dolphin film didn't win any awards, his marine mammal co-stars did.