Razor Blades in Halloween Candy: History Of The Myth That Never Happened

1968: Booby-trapped apple with razor blade concealed inside is examined by policewoman Carol MacKay. It was given as Halloween handout to a 7-year-old child in the neighborhood around Carlton; Sherbourne streets. (Photo by Don Dutton/Toronto Star via Get

No child has ever been killed by eating Halloween candy from a stranger. Even though stories and urban legends of death from poisoned candy and razor blades secreted away inside of apples have long surrounded Halloween, this isn’t something that actually ever happened. While no one’s ever died from chowing down on an apple filled with razor blades, there have been minor injuries stemming from pranks or parents trying to get a lawsuit going, these cases were blown out of proportion and added to the urban legend that reminds children to not take candy from strangers, or really anyone.