Ray Kroc: McDonald's Founder's Life, Legacy, And Stories

By | April 14, 2020

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Left: Ray Kroc's first McDonald's (the company's ninth) in Des Plaines, IL. Right: Kroc in 1975. Source: Wikimedia Commons

The sign says McDonald's, but it's Ray Kroc whose name and face are on the plaque inside. Fast food as we know it was shaped by the late Kroc, who opened his first McDonald's franchise in 1955 and built a global empire. A hero of American business, Ray Kroc is the man to thank (or blame) for all the Big Macs, McDonald's fries, Filet-O-Fishes, or Happy Meals you've eaten in your life. The facts of Ray Kroc's achievements and the story of his life are inspiring, to say the least

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Source: (The Wealthy Gorilla)

Ray Kroc, who was born on October 5, 1902 in Oak Park, Illinois, worked a variety of jobs before becoming the multi-millionaire tycoon. He sold paper cups, worked as a real estate agents, and even played the piano in bands. Kroc was selling milkshake mixers for Prince Castle, when he first encountered Richard and Maurice McDonald. They had purchased eight of his mixers for their San Bernardino, California location, and Kroc was impressed with their operation. Their restaurants were clean and mechanized, and the employees were well-groomed and professional. Kroc opened his first location in Des Plaines, Illinois on April 15, 1955. The location stood until 1985, when it was demolished. Five years, later, they rehabilitated the site and built a museum and gift shop next to it.