Rare Photos From The 1980s Captured Way More Than Expected


Kim Cattrall in Porky's, 1982

The 1980s were a truly unique and unforgettable decade, filled with maximalist music, iconic pop culture moments, and groundbreaking technology. From the rise of the personal computer to the emergence of memorable TV shows like The Wonder Years, the 1980s captured the imagination of people all around the world.

In one of the most inappropriate movies of the ‘80s, a budding Kim Cattrall jump started puberty of youths all across America. The film required two rounds of editing to lose the X-rating that it initially received. The movie became an absolute smash hit at the box office grossing $160 million against a budget of just $4 million! Perhaps even more amazingly, the film succeeded despite terrible reviews from critics. Roger Ebert went as far as to call it one of the worst films of 1982. As always, never underestimate the simple minds of men.