Rare Vintage Photos That Uncover the Unknown Truth

By Sarah Norman | October 30, 2023

Bruce, Linda, Brandon and Shannon Lee doing a photo shoot in Los Angeles, 1970. 

Step back in time and relive the glamour and scandal of yesteryear with our nostalgic photo gallery. From young and carefree Hollywood stars to royalty caught in candid moments, these photos offer a glimpse into the private lives of the famous and infamous.

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Shorty after their marriage in 1964, Bruce Lee and Linda Emery had two children, Brandon and Shannon. Linda met Bruce when she was studying Wing Chun under him shortly after he moved to America in the 1960s. They lived in Seattle while Lee traveled across the world working on films like The Wrecking Crew and Marlowe.

This photo would have been taken in a “lull” for Lee prior to his work on The Big Boss and Fist of Fury. This photo is also notable for being one of the few times that Lee was actually seen with a goatee rather than his usual clean shaven face. 

Raquel Welch in the movie "Bluebeard" (1972)

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Bluebeard, the immortal story of a pilot who has a penchant for doing away with his wives. Raquel Welch plays Magdalena, a promiscuous nun who loves to talk about what she’s been getting up to while she’s in the habit. At the time of the film Welch was freshly divorced from her second husband, Patrick Curtis, and was in a career peak.

On top of her appearance in Bluebeard, Welch also starred in Kansas City Bomber and Fuzz in 1972. One year later she’d get a Golden Globe Award for Best Actress in a Comedy for her role in The Three Musketeers