Rare Vintage Photos That Uncover the Unknown Truth

By Sarah Norman | September 1, 2023

Leon Russell and a beardless Willie Nelson, 1979.

Step back in time and relive the glamour and scandal of yesteryear with our nostalgic photo gallery. From young and carefree Hollywood stars, to royalty caught in candid moments, these photos offer a glimpse into the private lives of the famous and infamous.

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After restarting his career in Texas, Willie Nelson started touring non-stop with his band the Rolling Smoke Revue. According to Rolling Stone, Nelson and his crew all traveled under pseudonyms - Nelson was known as “Fast Eddie,” and his manager was “Poodie,” and his bodyguard was “Snake.” Even though Willie is most often thought of as a bearded, long hair stoner, he admitted in the late ‘70s that he shaved in the summers because the weather was too darn hot.

Russell and Nelson toured together and ended up recording the album “One for the Road” in 1979 that featured classics like “I Saw The Light” and “Don’t Fence Me In.” It's a snapshot of life on tour with these two country dynamos.  

Cheech & Chong in "Up in Smoke," 1978.

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Up In Smoke is easily one of the most important comedy films of the 1970s. Not only did it bring comedians of color to the big screen, but it was also a film that put the burgeoning Los Angeles counter culture in the face of the mainstream. The movie introduced fans across the country to cholo life, and even punk rock. It’s likely that the face of music and comedy wouldn’t be the same without Cheech and Chong.

Following Up In Smoke, Cheech and Chong went onto film a slew of movies that took their characters to different heights, and as fun as some of those movies are Up In Smoke is definitely the best.