Three's Company To ThighMaster: Suzanne Somers, Then And Now

By | May 25, 2018

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Left: Actress Suzanne Somers poses for a portrait in 1979 in Los Angeles, California. Right: Somers in 1977. Sources: Photo by Harry Langdon/Getty Images; eBay

Her claim to fame was playing Chrissy from 1977-81 on Three's Company, but Suzanne Somers has remained a celebrity for decades even though her acting career has been inconsistent. Today, she's better known as the ThighMaster spokesperson and an advocate of alternative medicine. While Three's Company was on the air, Somers was a TV A-lister, appearing on Battle Of The Network Stars, game shows, variety shows, and late-night talk shows like The Mike Douglas Show and The Tonight Show. Later projects included the series She's The Sheriff and Step By Step, as well as Dancing With The Stars. Through it all, Suzanne Somers has retained her bubbly California charm and pinup-poster good looks.

'Three’s Company' Was Somers’ Breakout Role

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Somers on 'Three's Company, with her castmates Joyce DeWitt and John Ritter. Source: IMDB

Suzanne Somers started acting in the late 1960s in a series of bit roles in television shows, including The Rockford Files and The Six Million Dollar Man, and in movies, such as American Graffiti in which she was the “blonde in the white Thunderbird”. She had an unaccredited appearance in the 1974 film Magnum Force as a topless pool girl. In 1977, she landed her breakout role as often-confused, stereotyped sexy secretary Chrissy Snow in the TV sitcom, Three’s Company, starring with John Ritter and Joyce DeWitt. Typecast as the ditzy blonde, Somers’ Cali-girl beauty gave the character of Chrissy an innocent, girl-next-door sexiness and propelled Somers to bona-fide sex symbol status.