Rare Photos Of Hotty Stevie Nicks From The 70s

Music | May 24, 2018

Stevie Nicks of Fleetwood Mac performs live at The Oakland Coliseum in 1977 in Oakland, California. (Photo by Richard McCaffrey/ Michael Ochs Archive/ Getty Images)

Stevie Nicks is probably best known as the beautiful, blond bombshell from Fleetwood Mac. She soared to epic stardom as a member of the popular 70’s group. Throughout her iconic career as an artist, she has enjoyed many successes. She one of the most popular and one of the hottest female vocalists of her time. This article will highlight the natural beauty she possesses.

Stevie Nicks was a female rock and roll legend!

I don’t think you will find a person who was alive in the 70’s that would argue the fact that Stevie Nicks was a rock and roll legend. Beginning in the early 70’s when she was one of the faces of Fleetwood Mac, she has had a powerful stage presence. Her role as a vocalist in the popular group gave her the platform she needed to showcase her talent.

Stevie Nicks’ talent may only be outshined by her smoking hot physical appearance. She has frequently been referred to as a “hotty” as is evidenced in this high school photo.

Nicks was an inspiration to women everywhere. The average young woman, as well as aspiring female vocalists, wanted to emulate her. Her inspirational stage presence was just one piece of the puzzle. The other fitting piece is her grace, style and sheer beauty. Yes, she was a hotty!

Women weren’t the only ones watching Nicks. Men always found her to be sexy!

Much is expected of public figures and Stevie Nicks was no different. Although she rose to the occasion, she made it look easy and effortless. Her fashion sense only added to her allure. She had a curvy, killer figure and everything she wore looked amazing on her.

Buckingham should never have blown this one!

Despite her success, Nicks had a rocky relationship with fellow Fleetwood Mac bandmate, Lindsey Buckingham. The two had met in college and were an item back in the day. Buckingham was said to have flown into a rage when Nicks initially refused to pose topless for an album cover. Eventually, he got his way.

Buckingham slowly lost the upper hand in the relationship as Nicks stole the show. He had singlehandedly destroyed their relationship because he was jealous of her success. He demeaned Nicks every chance he got and ruined what they once had. After it was all said and done, she soared and his career all but fizzled out.

Her style captured our attention as much as that powerful and unmistakable, folksy voice. No matter what she wore, she rocked it. Her style was well embraced by the young counterculture generation.

Nicks always had a beautiful head of flowing hair and reminded us of a hippie angel.

Stevie Nicks, even now, has a head of hair that many women would kill for. Over the years she has always sported the latest current hairstyles. The fact that she was/is often known to wear hats is surprising. Maybe it shouldn’t be since that is part of her sense of fashion and style. It just seems like a shame to cover up those beautiful locks!

The way Nicks sang Gold Dust Woman in the 1977 Fleetwood Mac album, Rumours, was impressive.

Gold Dust Woman was a great song on the Fleetwood Mac, best-selling album, Rumours. The song take that made the album was reportedly recorded a 4:00 am after a grueling studio recording session trying to get it right. During the recording, Nicks had wrapped a black scarf around her head in an attempt to get into character with her real emotions. This song has included an electric harpsichord and sound effects of broken glass to accentuate Nicks’ vocals. Mick Fleetwood said that he used a hammer to break the glass and had to wear goggles and coveralls to protect himself from the flying chards.

From fashion to hairstyles, Stevie Nicks had it all!

Stevie Nicks had a distinguishing voice which was raspy, sultry and a touch mysterious. That signature voice had so many qualities that could lend itself to all types of songs and music. She was a lovely feminine voice in a very male dominated 70’s music scene. Nicks always had a steady and confident command of her voice. When she performed, she sang from her soul and captivated her audiences. Fans were drawn in and mesmerized. Nicks had the ability to make audiences feel like one with the song; as if she was singing right to them.

You could tell she may have had a lot on her mind, but she was quite a hotty in the 70’s.

Stevie Nicks has always been a very feminine and delicate looking woman. She may have started out that way but that is not how her story will end. Aside from her figure, she is known for her beautiful, soulful eyes and innocent “girl next door” look. She always looked very thoughtful as though the wheels in her mind never stopped turning. It is no secret, however, that she was/is in control and very capable.

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