Raquel Welch - International Sex Symbol

By | January 15, 2018

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From an early age Raquel Welch knew that she wanted to be a performer. She attended ballet classes from the age of seven until she was seventeen. During high school a stunning Raquel was the winner of the Miss Fairest of the Fair at County Fair held in San Diego as well as Miss Photogenic and Miss Contour.

She decided on a career in acting and began taking classes at San Diego State College where she studied drama. She would later appear in several productions in the local theater. In 1959, she was chosen for the lead role in The Ramona Pageant.

She was offered small parts in television series such as McHale’s Navy, The Virginian and Bewitched. She was also offered work on The Hollywood Palace as a presenter and billboard girl on the variety weekly show. Her first film role was in “A Swingin’ Summer” a beach film released in 1965.

Raquel Welch is considered one of the first female sex symbols of the 20th century. However, she was able to transition from the genre of movies that had made her a sex symbol into more serious roles over time.