'Raindrops Keep Fallin' On My Head:' Song Meaning, History, & Lyrics

Paul Newman (1925 - 2008), as Butch Cassidy, and Katharine Ross as Etta Place, in a promotional still for 'Butch Cassidy And The Sundance Kid', directed by George Roy Hill, 1969. (Photo by Silver Screen Collection/Getty Images)

Butch Cassidy And The Sundance Kid is a classic western and buddy movie starring Paul Newman and Robert Redford -- but why, exactly, does it feature the song "Raindrops Keep Fallin' On My Head" by BJ Thomas? There's plenty of action in the movie, and the handsome stars look good; there's even a faint love story between Sundance (Redford) and the character of Etta, played by Katharine Ross. In the middle of this movie about two outlaws there's an extended scene in which Newman, Redford and Ross clown around as "Raindrops Keep Fallin' On My Head" plays. The song has an old-fashioned feel to it, though not old enough to be period-appropriate for the turn-of-the-century story. Despite its squareness, "Raindrops" went to #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart in 1970, and was the fourth-biggest single of 1970.