Problematic Elvis Presley Stories That Tarnish The Reputation Of The King

By Sarah Norman | August 31, 2023

Elvis Juggled Multiple Women

While Elvis is widely recognized as a legendary singer and cultural icon, many of these stories remain relatively unknown among his fans. These tales provide a glimpse into the darker and more debauched aspects of Elvis's private life, revealing a deeply troubled individual behind the glittering persona. It is important to note that these stories do not diminish Elvis's remarkable talent and influence as a singer. Rather, they shed light on the complexities and challenges he faced outside the spotlight.

Join us as we delve into these intriguing accounts, exploring the untold facets of Elvis's life that have rarely been discussed. From his questionable relationships and peculiar habits to his struggles with addiction and self-destructive behavior, these stories offer a deeper understanding of the man behind the music. Continue reading and discover the captivating and enigmatic world of Elvis Presley that often remained hidden from public view.

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Elvis had a complicated love life to say the least. He publicly dated his first serious girlfriend, Anita Wood, for several years. However, their relationship couldn't withstand the introduction of Priscilla Beaulieu when Elvis was stationed in Germany. Anita Wood overheard Elvis expressing his dilemma between her and Priscilla to his father, and she made the decision to end the relationship.

During his marriage to Priscilla, Elvis was involved with five other women. One of them was Ann-Margret Olsson, his co-star in the movie Viva Las Vegas. When Priscilla discovered their relationship, she reportedly became upset and threw a flower vase across the room. Priscilla even started styling her hair like Ann-Margret in an attempt to imitate her and regain Elvis's affection, as she later revealed.

He Was Obsessed With Weight Loss Fads

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Elvis had a tendency to push everything to the extreme, whether it was his relationships with women, his use of prescription pills, his passion for firearms, or even his eating habits. Despite his indulgence in food, he felt guilty and concerned about gaining weight, which became evident with his famous jumpsuit-clad figure in the 1970s. Consequently, he tried various ill-advised weight loss methods that were popular during that era.

According to the Independent, Elvis once believed that he could rapidly shed extra pounds by consuming a jelly made from bananas and his favorite drink, black cherry soda. He followed this peculiar diet for several weeks, but it did not result in sustained weight loss. He also attempted a method known as the "sleeping beauty diet," where individuals have a doctor induce a medically induced coma. The idea behind this approach is that while they are unconscious, their body would consume its own resources to survive. However, Elvis's pursuit of this method reportedly came to an end when he fell out of a hospital bed, causing him to awaken from the coma state.