Private Moments With Rock Icons Not Meant For The Screen

A young Michael Jackson and Stevie Wonder at the Motown Studios, 1974.

Musical icons unleash their on-stage personas to the fullest extent for throngs of rabid fans. However, those same larger-than-life characters often act very differently behind the scenes. Whether it's quietly chumming it up with fellow celebrities or releasing their inner child remnants in zany ways, even musical legends act silly. Here are the behind the scenes moments of some of music’s biggest stars that you never believe could exist.

Source: Reddit

The two musical prodigies met while working together on "We Are the World." Wonder wrote about Jackson: 

I first met Michael when I was in Detroit. He came to Motown, and they were talking about this boy from Gary, Indiana, and the Jackson 5, and everyone was excited. He must have been around 9 or 10 then, and I definitely felt that he would be someone. You heard the voice, and all he could do was grow. And that's what he did.