Vintage Ads From The Past That We Don't See Today

By | July 12, 2018

Threatened by the Invention of Artificial Sweeteners

You won’t believe these ads from the past! The series of images show actual ads from the 1960s and 1970s that prove we’ve come a long way, baby! They are unhealthy, sexist, and downright dangerous…but a fun and incredible reminder of life fifty-some years ago. 

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Two-Four-Six-Eight! What does she appreciate? Tooth decay! Obesity! Diabetes! We know artificial sweeteners are bad, but this ad is actually telling parents to get their kids all hyped up on sugar because it is a good way for them to get through the day. Racing heart? That’ll get Jenny in the spirit for the pep rally! Jittery? Bounce it off at trampoline class! Sugar crash? Maybe she will get a good night’s sleep. Then she can wake up in the more, refreshed and ready to start another sugar-fueled day. You go, Jenny! 

Video Game "Atari" Advertisement with Stevie Wonder - History buffs claim this is definitely photoshopped!

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Thankfully, this "ad" is really just the result of some bored guy showcasing his photoshop skills...because otherwise this might be an ad that pokes fun at a person with a disability.  Superstar recording artist Stevie Wonder has been blind since infancy. He hasn’t let that disability stop him from becoming one of America’s all-time great singer and songwriter. But asking Stevie to be the pitch man for a video gaming system seems like quite the stretch. Obviously there was another celebrity spokesman that Atari used. Good try photoshop dude, you thought you had us tricked - not this time!