Pictures In History That Tell Remarkable Stories


These brothers from West Virginia fought on different sides of the Civil War. Both survived and posed for this photograph in 1910.

Looking through the long arc of time it’s easy to see the big moments, the major wins and losses, but it’s the small stories and characters who slip through the cracks of the history books that are the most interesting. Theirs are the stories that feel the most human, and provide context for grand historical moments that feel more like stories in a book than something that actually happened.

These photos tell the history of people who rose to the occasion to make a change for the better, and who stood up for themselves when faced with impending doom. Whether you’re interesting in clandestine coverage of D-Day, or what presidents were like when they were growing up there’s something here to interest you. Get comfy, there’s a lot to learn. Keep reading.

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During the bloodies conflict on American soil some 600,000 soldiers took their last breath while fighting for the Union or the Confederacy, and in some cases the battles would see brother fighting brother. Family members who lived in states that bordered the Mason-Dixon Line were often split on which army to fight for, which lead to more than disagreements around the dinner table.

A complex and multi-layered conflict, it’s not easy to understand why two people who were so close could feel so differently about the tensions between the north and south that boiled over into an all consuming battle. Still, it’s heartwarming to see that these two brothers survived and were able to put aside their differences for a photo.