Photos From The Groovy Era That Are Too Hot For TV

Icons | April 6, 2021

Written by Jacob Shelton

Take our word for it, you're going to want to look closely at these beautiful photos from the groovy era. 

Each one of these rare photos from another time has more than just a pretty face, they're filled with stories and facts that you won't find in the history books.

These uncensored snapshots will take you back to a glorious time and place where life was simple and easy, where people just did their own thing and let their freak flags fly.

⚠️  Warning: This collection of groovy photos will make you nostalgic for an era that was truly the best time to be alive. . Keep in mind that not all of these photos are safe for young eyes... viewer discretion is advised ⚠️

Tanya Roberts in the movie "The Beastmaster" (1982) 😍

source: pinterest

Out of all of the cast members of Charlie's Angels Tanya Roberts is the actress who loved to go out and push boundaries. Whether she didn't like to sit still or just enjoyed being on set, Roberts was an actress who you could always count on to give a unique performance.

Roberts also happened to be a total babe. Something that she says made for a lot of interesting experiences. While speaking with Fangoria after the release of The Beastmaster she noted that her brief nude scene caused quite a stir with the crew:

I was so embarrassed. The crew was supposed to take a hike while we shot it, but I know there were 50 guys hiding in the bushes. You know what crews are like. 'Let's check out Tanya.'

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