Peggy Fleming: Skating Her Way Into History

American figure skater Peggy Fleming performs a routine at the Olympics in Grenoble, France, February 11, 1968. (Photo by Express Newspapers/Getty Images)
During the 1968 Winter Olympics in Grenoble, France, Norway dominated, winning the most medals,14, and the Soviet Union following close behind at 13. During these Olympic Games, the U.S. only won a total of seven medals, only one of which was gold. That gold medalist was Peggy Fleming. Not only was she the sole gold medalist for the U.S., but she also helped to make the sport what it is today. In 1994, Sports Illustrated wrote of her that she “took a staid sport that was shackled by its inscrutable compulsory figures and arcane scoring system and, with television as her ally, made it marvelously glamorous. Ever since, certainly to North Americans, figure skating has been the marquee sport of the Winter Games and increasingly staple of prime-time television."